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Advance. Achieve. Accelerate!

English and mathematics tutoring from Primary 3 to HSC
Unlock your learning potential

Junior Courses

Primary through to Year 10

Senior Courses

English or mathematics for Preliminary to HSC

Small class sizes

When your child is in Stage 3, it's time to Advance their knowledge, building a solid base through student-centric learning.

perfecting practice

Give your child experience in higher-order calculation, analysis and logic.  A fantastic way to prepare for High School.

developing skills

From Shakespeare to film critique, hone essay writing skills and creative composition and achieve personal best results in mathematics through topic-based curriculum. 

Designed for the hsc

Programs from General to Extension I and II, based on the NSW HSC Curriculum.  Receive instruction from experienced tutors and revise, review and preview topics.  The HSC is a time for focused, independent study that is well-managed to minimise stress.

Catered to the individual

Senior English is individually tailored to the student for the current format of the Standard and Advanced English HSC, with support for school assessment and development of essential examination skills.